Expert Trader – Buy/Sell signals with complete SL and Intraday Target & Positional Target, Buy/Sell scans and explorations in real time analysis

Add Ons – Stock Selection Based on Daily Screener for Next Day Trading & PushBullet Notification for Mobile Alerts

Free updation of Software and assistance on daily script selection

Complete Training on Stock Selection, How to use the software with Supply Demand concept will be given on Purchase of Software


System Requirements:

Windows XP, 7, minimum 2 GB RAM, minimum 50 KBPS internet speed.



Expert Trader Analyze the Stock / Index/ Commodity for the last 3 days and Generates Buy Sell Signal based on Present Trend and Volume Function as below

  1. Filters Short Term Trend
  2. If Present trend is in Buy ET Filters only Buy Signals and If Present trend is in Sell ET Filters only Sell Signals
  3. The Captured Signals will wait for VOLUME BREAKOUT
  4. Trend Signal + Volume Breakout meets Trading Signals is Generated

How to use Expert Trader Indicator:

  1. It’s Practically not possible to watch or trade in all 200+ Stocks
  2. Hence filter 50+ Liquidity Stocks
  3. Run Daily Screener to Select Stocks for Next Day
  4. Few stocks will Appears for Buy/Sell
  5. Add the stocks in Watch List
  6. Trade as per Nifty Trend – if nifty is in +ve then atten Buy signals from the Stocks Selected, if nifty is in –ve trend then atten Sell signals from the stocks selected
  7. Trading Made simple all the days.
  8. No signals will be generated in Sidewise and Consolidation Market


Image Views

Results Based on Daily Scanner


Trades Based on Expert Trader